Our mission at Little Flowers is to put more smiles on more faces, for more reasons. Not just for our customers and the lucky people who receive our flowers but, perhaps most importantly, for the lovely ladies and gents on our team. So, getting a good fit between what we need and what you’re looking for is really important.


Currently hiring: Junior Florists (casual)


Here’s what we need…

  • Able to work flexible days/hours. (We have weekends off so we can get our beauty sleep).
  • Not scared of early mornings. We have a 7am start, but it’s earlier if you go to market.
  • Familiar with the flower market, and excited at the prospect of choosing the flowers of the day (we’d train you up). You’d be going max 2 times p/week.
  • Either studying at TAFE, or recently qualified.
  • Keen to learn and improve, comfortable asking questions, getting – and giving – feedback.
  • Happy working in an organised environment at a reasonably fast pace. The nature of our work means that there’s repetition, so you’d need to be okay with that.
  • Reliability and good time keeping.
  • You’ll be handy with a calculator as we have to do a little bit of maths along the way. Nothing too scary though!
  • Able to understand the balance between working hard and having fun at work. There will be times when you’ll need to keep your head down, but also plenty of laughs to be had. We’d love someone who can help create a positive atmosphere while getting the job done.
  • Wants to stick around for a while, ideally with a view to taking on more shifts as we grow. (It takes a little while to train people up, so if you’re thinking very short term this isn’t the right job for you)
  • You’ll need to be comfortable driving a van.
  • We’re based in Alexandria, so the logistics need to work for you.


Does it sound like what you’re looking for? 

If so, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line with the following info to

  • Qualifications and work history
  • Examples of some recent work that makes you proud
  • Tell us why you think we’d be a good fit, and what you’d most like to get out of the job
  • Days / hours you’d be available to work
  • Where you live (so we can make sure the market logistics are viable)